Please note: We currently deliver to Metro Melbourne, Metro Geelong and Metro Perth. We look forward to adding new locations very soon.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Quoted Payments

All payments quoted on are quoted as weekly payments over 26 weeks. The total cost of the item over the 26 weeks can be found in the item description. A final payment schedule, based on the date of the order and your preferred delivery date, will be provided within 48 hours of completing the checkout of your goods.

Payment Options

There are multiple payment options available to you which can be decided after completing your purchase in our checkout. When we set up your direct debit, we will contact you to determine which payment frequency you would like; either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Additionally, you can choose a term of between 3-12 months (12-52 weeks) with the standard term of 26 weeks (approximately 6 months).

Please note: fortnightly payments are the weekly payment multiplied by two, while the monthly payments are the weekly payments multiplied by 52 and divided by your chosen payment term (3-12 months).

Pre Christmas Delivery

Christmas is a busy time! For orders where delivery is required prior to the 25th of December, you must set the 'Estimated Delivery Date' on the order at no later than the 24th of November. Any orders with the estimated delivery date set after the 24th of November cannot be guaranteed delivered prior to the 25th of December. 

General Order Information

Regular payments are made weekly, fortnightly or monthly as chosen by you at the time of ordering. Payment periods range between 12 weeks (3 months) to 52 weeks (12 months/26 fortnights). Payment methods are credit card, debit card or bank account direct debit. The minimum periodical payment is $4. If payment details need to be changed, please contact our Customer Service Team via email - Your goods will be delivered to the delivery address as shown on your initial order within approximately 14-21 days from final payment date. If you need to change your delivery details please contact us at your earliest convenience. Your order can be cancelled at any time up to final payment date.

What if the price of the goods changes on your website?

If you start an order today, and the price of that product is lower on our website when you finish your payment plan, we will provide you with a credit for the difference in price. If however the price is higher at the end of the plan than it was when you placed your order, you will still only be charged the initial lower price. Please also note that this credit can only be used on new orders and not on existing orders. We have a minimum cart value of $100 after a credit has been applied and the credit will have an expiry of 28 days from its issue date. It is your responsibility to advise us if your product is lower on our website when your payment plan has finished.

What if what I order isn't available at the time of fulfilment?

From time to time a product that you order may be out of stock or deleted once we go to place that order with the relevant supplier. In this instance we will try and find you a similar product and we will provide you the option of either (a) receiving that similar product, or (b) receiving a refund.

How do the payments work?

Once you have placed your order, an initial payment of the first instalment is required with following payments occurring at the time intervals you have selected. Automatic payments will occur on the chosen day (or next business day if the date is a public holiday). If you wish to skip a payment please let us know before midday on the business day PRIOR to the scheduled payment. As payments are automated we cannot cancel them the day they are due.

What if I want to cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so by contacting us at As payments are automated we require a minimum of one business day before your next payment is due to cancel any payment. All payments will be refunded minus 20% of the total value of the cancelled order. If you wish to cancel your order within 30 days of the original scheduled final payment date the cancellation fee may be higher than 20% to cover extra costs such as having to clear your stock items at a discounted price. This cancellation fee will be discussed with you at the time of your cancellation request. There will be no charge if you cancel your order before payments have commenced.

What if I want to make changes to my payment schedule?

You can make changes to your payment schedule by emailing us at The maximum period that you can extend a Payment Plan is 28 days from the original final payment date on an order. 

What if I pay off my order earlier than the payment schedule?

Please note that an 'Estimated Delivery Date' is set when you initially place your order, and we expect to deliver your order to you on or around that Estimated Delivery Date if you make all your payments successfully when they are due. If you pay your order off early it can take up to 21 days for us to delivery your order from your final payment date.

What if I miss a payment or a payment dishonours?

If a scheduled payment fails we will suspend your order and charge you a failed payment dishonour fee of up to $9.95. To reactivate your order please contact customer service at Please note the amount of your failed payment plus the failed payment fee will be evenly spread over the remaining payments in your layby plan. If you wish to change your new per payment amount, please contact customer service. Also if you have a failed payment and your order goes on suspend, the items on your order will be removed from allocation to your order until you have your next successful payment. This may lead to the items that you order not being available for you at the end of your tiny steps plan. 

Are there fees if I dishonour a payment?

You will charged a dishonour fee of up to $9.95 to cover charges incurred from a missed Direct Debit payment. Please note that your financial institution may also charge you a dishonour fee.

I've made all of my payments, what happens next?

We will notify you 7 days prior to your final payment. If your delivery details have changed before despatch, please notify us at quoting your order number and change of details. Your order will arrive within 14 days of final payment date, unless otherwise specified. 

If goods have been damaged in transit, please contact us to arrange for a return and exchange or refund. In accordance with the Department of Fair Trading, goods cannot be returned if you decide you no longer need the item(s) or have changed your mind.