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Product Description

3-Way Skin Care.
1. Our Softest Nappy.
Cotton-Like Softness Inside & Out. To gently hug your baby in comfort all day & night. SilkSoft Side Shields. Provide superior protection from leaks & red marks around the legs. Soft & Stretchy Waistband & Grip Tabs. All-round comfortable and secure fit.
2. Patented Dry Touch Layer plus Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for softness. Instantly absorbs wetness & springs back dry.
3. Our Most Breathable Nappy. Allows fresh air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry. Huggies Nappies's Breathe Dry Cover has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.
Wetness Indicator: Goes from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet to let you know when to change.
Up to 12 Hours Leakage Protection: With customised absorbency where girls need it most.
The only nappy with tailored absorbency for girls. Absorbency needs are different for girls.

Storage Instructions:

Excess soiling should be removed and flushed down the toiled. Do not flush nappy down the toilet. Roll nappy into a tight ball using the tape on the back. Discard into waste bin. Recycle empty bags with carrier bags at participating retailers, not at kerbside.

Suitable for:

4-8kg Infant


75 Pack